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East King County comprises 23 cities and towns a few miles east of Seattle, including the larger cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, and Issaquah. Nearly two-thirds of King County’s residents reside in East King County and the area boasts one of the largest employment centers in Washington state due to the large information technology and manufacturing sectors. East King County is home to the headquarters of Microsoft as well as Nintendo North America; Facebook, Google, Amazon, SpaceX, and T-Mobile each have a significant presence in the area.

Aerospace, biomedical, and healthcare companies have also chosen East King County for their offices. In addition to innovative, world-class companies, East King County boasts access to great year-round recreation, highly rated schools, excellent mass transit, and a diverse array of cultural activities, dining, and entertainment. Whether you are just starting out your professional career or you have been in the workforce for decades, there is a place for you in East King County. Come join us! 

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Jobs by Industry

Restaurants & Retail

Have a passion for hospitality, retail sales and restaurant management? Plenty of full- and part-time positions await you in East King County. Expand your career today.

Aerospace & New Space

Welcome to the home of SpaceX, Amazon’s Project Kuiper, and RBC Signals. Experience the innovative, fast-growing Aerospace and New Space sector by working alongside 136,000+ talented professionals in the fields of advanced manufacturing, electronics, satellites and more.

Life Science & Healthcare

Helping hands are needed everywhere, and here in East King County we have a robust Life Science and Healthcare sector. From nursing to biomedical engineering, working in this meaningful industry is the next step in making your dreams a reality.

Construction, Architecture & Engineering

In fast-growing East King County, you have a chance to be a part of the foundation. In the Construction, Architecture, and Engineering industry, hands-on work means powerful connection and valued effort to build community assets. Break ground on your potential today.

IT, Tech & Development

In East King County’s thriving Information Technology, Tech and Development sector, you’ll join other talented minds in driving the industry forward. Work alongside the 99,000+ information, communication, and tech workers in the region and conceptualize futuristic ideas like user interface experience and cyber security.

Manufacturing Production & Assembly

Step by step, create your career in the Manufacturing Production and Assembly industry. If machinery, medical device and satellite manufacturing, and equipment production sparks your interest, this highly sought-after sector is the right fit for you.

Transportation & Logistics

With new Light Link rail extending to Redmond, working in the Transportation and Logistics sector in East King County means in-demand, ultra-important work. In the business of connecting people and places both physically and metaphorically, this industry is on the brink of opportunity.

Public Sector & Non-Profit

Key political practices and sound government working alongside our dynamic nonprofit sector in keeping the wheels of the East King County turning. Explore how you can make a difference in East King County’s public sector by starting a fulfilling career in community engagement, government contracting, public policy, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is East King County known for?

    The Eastside is home to many large high-tech companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile US, Nintendo of America, AT&T Mobility, and more. Major companies such as Amazon, Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, and Boeing have major offices located in our cities. Aside from its booming economy, the Eastside also offers a high quality of life with great schools, plenty of outdoor recreational activities, and low crime.

  • What is the economic outlook over the next ten years?

    During the pandemic, the Seattle MSA saw a loss of over 100,000 jobs while the Eastside gained over 4,000 jobs. That is due to the major tech companies we have located here which are growing rapidly and expected to continue to grow for years ahead. The Eastside region is expected to see a net increase of over 40,000 jobs between the years of 2021 and 2025. You can view our full 2022 Economic Outlook presentation here.

  • What is it like to live on the Eastside?

    East King County offers a high quality of life for everyone. Residents are among the most high-earning, educated, and diverse across all regions in the US. There are plenty of outdoor recreational activities as well as a range of shopping and dining experiences. The Eastside offers quality public schools and post-secondary educational institutions.

  • What opportunities are available in the technology industry?

    The eastside is home to some of the country’s most influential technology leaders including Microsoft. Whether you are looking for an entry level or a senior position, you will find exceptional opportunities in rapidly growing companies here including Amazon, Meta and Google.